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Commercial Real Estate Management with Increased Profits
Want to turn rental property into passive income? I offer you a range of services for managing commercial real estate. I solve all issues with inspection bodies, tenants, optimize the tax burden, and find ways to increase profits from the property
Stages of work
Start of a project
We meet and negotiate terms. We study the property or object specifications and the contractual relationship with the tenant
Market price analysis
We conduct market research and determine the possible profit margins and an appropriate increase in rental rates
Tax strategy
Considering all ways of tax optimization. Select the best possible option and draw an implementation plan
Implementation of changes
A step-by-step implementation of planned changes. We analyze, develop and implement new opportunities in the process.
Progress report
Review the progress. Write monthly reports to clients
I provide real estate management services
Leasing an object is a constant waste of time for coordination and solving all kinds of Problems. To make rental income passive, you must delegate authority over Professional management. I am a professional realtor and do this business expertly, with the maximum knowledge of the market, its features and capabilities. Let me help you earn more from the project and take the whole routine on yourself.
Three reasons for our cooperation
Phased increase in price
I know how to softly, correctly and reasonably increase the cost of renting your property without harming the contractual relationship
Monthly reporting
Full accountability for key actions on my part. I build a relationship with a client on mutual trust
Quick-change tenant
When freed, your objects will not be idle. I have a large base of “warm clients” and established relationships with colleagues and partners

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